Saturday, November 1, 2008

DJ Tiesto---The Best DJ In The World

One of my favourite DJ's is non other then DJ Tiesto.Tiësto is a Grammy-nominated Dutch trance DJ and record producer.He has become one of the world's most famous people in the trance and electronic dance music scenes.

As his popularity rose in the early 2000s he became the first DJ to perform to a large crowd without any other DJs or opening acts.He is also noted for being the first DJ to play live on stage at an Olympic Games at the 2004 Summer Olympics opening ceremony in Athens.

In addition to receiving numerous awards for his work he was crowned "World’s No.1 DJ" 3 consecutive times by DJ Magazine from 2002 through 2004[6] and received a nomination for a Grammy Award in 2008,for his album Elements of Life.

DJ Tiesto had an interest for music since the age of twelve.When he was twenty he decided to dedicate more time to it and began DJing professionally at school parties and then moved on to become a resident DJ between 1985 and 1994 at several clubs in the Netherlands after his manager and friend Wilfred encouraged him.

In the mid-1990s,he started to produce trance,which led to his breakthrough in 1995 when he started building mixed compilations,something nobody else did at that time.

The last time Tiesto came to Singapore,i was working at the then Ministry Of Sound (Singapore).Trust me,u guys wouldnt have imgained the amount of people who jam packed the club on that night to witness Tiesto work his musical magic.It was pure madness and electrifying.People were so close to each other,there wasnt anymore room to fill the 3000 capacity crowd in the club.Not to mention the throngs of crowd lining outside the club to get it which stretched for another 2 km.

Below are some vidoes of DJ Tiesto in action,enjoy the music guys. =)


Uncle Sha said...

I was there at MOS when Tiesto was playing. It was awesome and crazy!

Informative post :)

Maverick said...

Heya Uncle Sha,gd to hear u were there when DJ Tiesto was playing at MOS Singapore.Yes,i totally agree it waas one awesome show he put up on that day.Truely a very talented and highly acclaimed DJ in the world.

Glad you liked my posts by the way.

~Cheers~ =)

J said...

Love Tiesto. cool blog.

Maverick said...

Glad u like the posting on DJ Tiesto,J.He sure is my all time favourite as well. =)

Anna said...

Maveric, never heard of him, but what I saw here and read here, he must be amazing. BTW in 2005 I went on the biz trip to Singapore, and I loved the country, very nice, so much different cultures. Again, very nice blog. Anna :)

Maverick said...

Heya Anna,well DJ Tiesto is a world acclaimed superstar DJ.And he really is a superstar...Just like those in Hollywood and stuff.Getting him to spin on one night could cost a bomb.That how much he's widely respected in the world.

I see,u've been to singapore eh...Tats great stuff.Am happy you loved it here.It a very interesting county.Probably the only country in the world with people from different races & religions living & working together.We have the indians,the chinese,the malays & the others(eurasians) as we call them.Truely vibrant city.U should come on down again sometime and maybe stay longer and take in the sights & the excellent shopping.Our people here live & breath shopping & good food.Haha...

Take care now =)

Anna said...

Thanks Maverick for your comment back. I have to tell you also that Canada is very similar to Singapore, we have many many ethnic groups also, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Ukrainian [me], Polish, you name it. May be one day you will visit here.
Yes Singapore is famous if comes to shopping also, but if there is something I am not good in, is the shopping.
When I was in Singapore I visited Jurong Park, and because I live birds, I loved this park too. I think I have post with some birds on my blog.

Thanks again, and I hope to see you on my blog too.

Anna :)

PS I will add you to my blogs I visit.

BTW I am fascinated by your top banner again, don'g change it. And it is may be because I love tech stuff.